Large Waste Disposal

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Eligible goods

Electronic appliances (delete), cooling/heating equipment (delete), furniture, kitchen appliances, household goods, etc.

Cleaning Administration Division, Dongdaemun-gu Office 2127-4620

Precautions when reporting disposal

  • When disposing of your waste, please abide by the date and time that you have reported as the disposal date and time.
  • Requests for a disposal cancellation or change can only be accepted within 10 days (weekend and holidays not included) from the date of the disposal report.
  • When the reported specifications differ from the items to be disposed of, the waste must be retrieved as otherwise it will be considered unlawfully disposed of waste.
  • When a person unlawfully disposes of large general waste, a penalty amounting to 200,000 won or less will be imposed on that person.

Procedures for reporting to the Community Service Center

  1. Preparation of disposal report
  2. Issuance of certificate
  3. Collection of waste

Procedures for reporting to the Community Service Center

  • Visit the community service center, fill in the reporting form, and pay the fee.
  • Attach the issued certificate to the object designated for disposal and dispose of it on the scheduled date.
  • It will be collected by a large general waste collection agency (cleaning service provider and street cleaner).