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Jeonnong-dong Bugundangje (Rite to Government Office Deity in Jeonnong-dong) is a still-practiced custom in the form of a rite for which Jo Ban, one of the founding members of Joseon Dynasty, and his wife are enshrined as Bugun deities and people pray for prosperity and peace of their villages and a prosperous year of harvest. It is conducted through a combination of a Confucian rite and a shamanic performance (gut), and begins by selecting rite date and rite officer. Then, all people of the village prepare for the rite while obeying taboo during the entire process, which serves as a village festival to tie all villages into a single community.

Event Summary

  • DateEarly October of every year in lunar calendar
  • PlaceBugundang, 40, Seoulsiripdae-ro 16-gil (Jeonnong-dong), Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
  • Sponsored byJeonnong-dong Bugundang Welfare Society
  • Event Schedule:
    • Offering food to a female shaman
    • Exorcise the dead spirit
    • Sacrificial rite
    • Burning of the sacrificial paper