Disposal Procedure by Type of Waste

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{테이블명} - Classification, Item Name, Disposal Container, Disposal Procedure
Classification Item Name Disposal Container Disposal Procedure
General Waste Beef, pork, chicken bones, garlic, onion skins, Korean
medicine waste, shells of clams or other shellfish,
disposable teabags, coffee residue
White authorized garbage bag Disposal in front of house or store
Food Waste Food waste and uncooked/cooked food leftovers that
could be used as animal feed.
Yellow authorized garbage bag Disposal in front of house or store
Recyclable Items Paper, cardboard boxes, glass bottles, metal can, vinyl,
Styrofoam, plastic, scrap metal, discarded fluorescent
light tubes
Clear bag (but styrofoam boxes can be disposed by tying them) Disposal in front of house or store
Large General Waste Furniture such as wardrobes, beds, kitchen sinks, desks,
sofas and electric mats
Write down the waste disposal number. Must apply for waste removal through the district office home page or by visiting the community service center.
Special Waste Small amounts of leftover house repair materials,
ceramics, pots, blankets, broken glass, discarded wood
Special regulation ba
(Gunny bag)
Special regulation bag
(Gunny bag)
(Must be purchased and used solely for waste discharge)
(Call the community service center to inquire about where gunny bags could be bought)
Small Computers, notebooks, electric rice cookers, vacuum
cleaners, mobile phones, telephones, gas ranges,
keyboards, water purifiers, etc.
- Dispose in front of the house or store (non-scheduled garbage collection) after consulting the community service center
Large Refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioners,
televisions, home appliances longer than 1 m
(air purifiers, dish washers/dryers, photocopiers,
vending machines, cold/hot water purifiers)
<Notification on the collection of large home appliances at no cost>
Report on the Internet or to the call center and then store
inside the front door (prevent damage to exterior form).
-Internet address : http://www.15990903.or.kr
-Call Center phone no.: 1599-0903
Please note that only large-sized (1m or more in length) discarded home appliances that have retained their shape will be collected free of charge.