Report of Changes in Stay

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Reason for reporting

  • When a registered foreign resident wishes to change his or her place of residence.

Reporting period

  • Within 15 days of moving into a new residence.

Place of reporting

  • The Korean Immigration Service office or branch that has jurisdiction over the person’s new residence; the city hall, county office or gu office, Community Service Center affiliated with the person’s new residence.

Documents to submit when reporting

  • Passport and foreign resident registration card.
  • Change of residence reporting form.
  • Certificate of Residence (Lease contract of house, dorm residency confirmation form, etc.)


  • If a foreign resident who is registered does not report a change of residence to the Korea Immigration Service office within 15 days of changing his or her residence, he or she will be in violation of Article 36 of the Immigration Control Law and will be legally obliged to pay a penalty fee.
  • Inquiries : Immigration Contact Center Tel. 1345