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It was a local event held about 150 years ago when the residents of Imun-dong performed gosa rites for the mountain spirits for peace and prosperity of the village. It is originated from a rite where rite officer, elected by the villagers and having vigor, good luck and virtue, takes the sacrifices of rice cake, rice and cows and holds a devoted rite for the spirit of Cheonjangsan Mountain, a branch of Samgaksan Mountain, on the first day of October.

Event Summary

  • DateDate October 1st of every year in lunar calendar
  • PlaceLocation Imun Ijung Hall Sadang 22-1, Imun-ro 25-gil (Imun-dong), Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
  • Sponsored byIjung Social Society of Imun 1-dong
  • Event Schedule:
    • Preparation of food
    • Dinner
    • Preparation of rite
    • Election of rite leader
    • Rite
    • Sharing of food after the rite