Welcome to Dongdaemun-gu


Bringing Happiness to Residents, Dongdaemun-gu

Core Values

  • Pleasant
  • Safe
  • Transparent
  • Future-oriented

Strategic Goals

  • Pleasant Dongdaemun
    • Improve residents’ living convenience, such as by improving residential environment, traffic, and parking conditions, through old housing improvement project
    • Improve administrative service and create efficient organization through reform of Gu office
  • Happy Dongdaemun
    • Activate shopping, entertainment, and food service business by linking local cultural attractions and commercial district
    • Expand living space to enjoy relaxation
  • Resident-centered
    • Establish local community safety network for the socially vulnerable, and discover and promote implementation of citizen support policies
    • Increase residents’ right to health by strengthening public healthcare service
  • Safe Dongdaemun
    • Strengthen natural disaster prevention activities in response to climate change, etc.
    • Expand local infrastructure and build system to ensure residents’ safe living
  • New Dongdaemun
    • Promote various policies to foster future talents
    • Create energetic economic city everyone wants to live in by creating jobs, building a foundation for startups, and providing customized services
    • Prepare a basis for sustainable development city by establishing and implementing mid to long-term plans using transport infrastructure