Report of Changes in Details of Foreign Resident Registration

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Reasons for amendment to the details of foreign resident registration

  • When the applicant’s name, sex, birth date, or nationality has changed.
  • When the applicant’s passport no, date of issuance or date of expiry has changed.
  • Foreign residents holding D-1 (culture/arts), D-2 (overseas study), D-4 (general training), D-5 (journalism), D-6 (religious affairs), D-7 (supervisory intra-company transfer), D- 8 (corporate investment), or D-9 (trading) visa status whose associated organization or group has changed (name included).
  • To report whether a foreign resident is enrolled in elementary, middle, or high school.
  • To report the fact of the first employment when a foreign resident holding a H-2 (work and visit) visa is employed by an individual, institution, organization, or a company for the first time).
  • When a foreign resident is holding an H-2 (work and visit) visa status and the associated individual, institution, organization, or company has changed its name.
  • When there is a change in the job or the annual income (D-7 (supervisory intra-company transfer) to D-9 (trading), E-1 (professor) to E-10 (vessel crew), F-2 (residence), F-4 (overseas Korean), F-6 (marriage immigration), or H-2 (work and visit).

How to request changes to the details of a foreign resident registration

  • A foreign resident or his/her agent can prepare the required documents and submit them to the competent Immigration Office.

Documents to be submitted when requesting changes to the details of a foreign resident registration

  • Passport and foreign resident registration card
  • Request for changes to the foreign resident registration information
  • Documents proving the changes
  • Report of elementary/middle/high school enrollment for foreign residents
  • Report of the foreigner’s occupation and annual income


  • If a foreign resident who is registered does not report changes in their foreign resident registration details to the Immigration Office within 15 days of the day on which the changes take place, the person concerned will be in violation of Article 35 of the Immigration Control Law and shall pay a penalty fee.
  • Inquiries : Immigration Contact Center Tel. 1345