Services of Departments

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Services of Departments - Name of Department, Description of Responsibilities, Phone No.
Name of Department Description of Responsibilities Phone No.
Audit Officer Audit, civil petition investigations, reviews & assessments,
management of ethics & integrity related issues, environment patrol
PR Officer District office newsletter publication, media, public relations, broadcasting media 02-2127-5067
Administration Office Administration Support Division General affairs, personnel management, human talent development, external relations, employee welfare 02-2127-4028
Local Autonomy Administration Division Local autonomous administration; cooperation with local autonomous entities; administration of villages; Dongdaemun-gu Office building management 02-2127-4048
Culture and Tourism Division Culture & arts; cultural tourism; cultural facilities; management of cultural heritage 02-2127-4716
Sports Promotion Division Daily exercises and sports 02-2127-5609
Education Support Division Educational planning; educational support; lifetime education 02-2127-4514
Civil and Passport Division Civil petition administration, civil petition processing, family registration, passport 02-2127-4302
Planning and Finance Office Planning and Budget Division District administration planning & adjustment, budgets, legislative evaluations and lawsuits 02-2127-4072
Finance Division Management of public properties, material/outsourcing/construction contracts, expenditures and double entry bookkeeping, employee salaries 02-2127-4533
Economic Planning Division Business support; livelihood economy; market stimulation; Seoul K-Medi Center operation 02-2127-4365
Job Creation Policy Division Build local ecosystem for social economy, public job creation, job information 02-2127-4926
Tax Administration Division Real estate acquisition tax, property tax, corporation audit, default tax collection 02-2127-4123
Tax Collection Division Tax management, automobile tax, resident tax, non-tax revenue, default tax collection 02-2127-4164
Welfare Office Welfare Policy Division Welfare planning; Bodeumnuri; welfare support; volunteer work 02-2127-4553
Social Welfare Division Basic living needs assurance, integrated inspection & management, self-supporting residence 02-2127-5146
Family Welfare Division Child-rearing planning, child-rearing support, women policy, childbirth encouragement and multiculturalism 02-2127-4621
Children and Youth Division Children -friendly city; meal service for children; youth facilities; Dream Start related work; child protection 02-2127-4289
Senior Citizens and Persons with Disability Affairs Division Senior citizens policy; senior citizens support; second life; welfare and support for people with disabilities, support for people with disabilities 02-2127-4248
Safe Living Office Disaster and Safety Division Disaster safety management, facility safety inspection, civil defense 02-2127-4505
Smart City Division Region informatization project, information system operation, information communication network operation, statistical investigation, informatization education, Big Data related work 02-2127-4107
Cleaning Administration Division Cleaning administration, resource recycling, equipment management, environment resource center operation 02-2127-4375
Clean Environment Division Environment management, green energy, airㆍwater quality control, noiseㆍvibration pollution prevention 02-2127-4644
Real Estate Information Division Land surveyingㆍland reclassification, land value examination, realty agent license issuing and supervision 02-2127-4192
Urban Management Office Housing Division Public housing management, public housing support; house repairs; house renovations 02-2127-4663
Urban Planning Division Urban planning, urban development, accelerated districts, refurbishment projects 02-2127-4386
Sustainable City Division Urban regeneration project; designation of areas for residential function improvement programs; unoccupied house or Block-unit housing rearrangement project 02-2127-5660
Residential Maintenance Division Reconstruction projects; refurbishing projects; redevelopment projects 02-2127-4675
Architecture Division Construction permitㆍconstruction commencement and building use inspection, remodeling, construction facilities 02-2127-4752
Park and Green Division Parks, landscape architecture, natural ecology, Jungnangcheon Stream Green 02-2127-4395
Construction and Transport Office Construction Management Division Processing of applications/issuance of permits for the installation of outdoor advertisements, management of business licenses for construction firms, compensation/expropriation of land, street reorganization, removal of illegal advertisements (fixed and mobile). 02-2127-4401
Road Division Road & pavement facility maintenance, street lamps security lamp facilities management 02-2127-4812
Flood Control Division SEWAGE, stream & retarding basin construction & maintenance management, flood control measures, contributor paid sewage expense 02-2127-4848
Traffic Administration Division Comprehensive traffic measures, traffic improvement projects, installation & management of traffic facilities 02-2127-4863
Vehicle Management Division Management of uninsured cars, car maintenance centers, regular inspections, abandoned car management, car registration, car deregistration, construction machinery registration 02-2127-5284
Parking Administration Division Parking lot construction, managing building annex parking lots, green parking project, illegal parking crackdown, parking fine collection 02-2127-4896
Community Health Center Health Policy Division Health improvement, quitting smoking, chronic illness management, insulin resistance syndrome management. 02-2127-5404
Local Health Division Life stage tailored healthcare, infectious disease prevention & management, disease prevention 02-2127-5424
Medical Division Opening and inspection of medical facilities, pharmacy openings and supervision, radiation room, clinical pathology room, operation of physical therapy room 02-2127-5412
Health and Sanitation Division Safe food sanitation & public hygiene responsibilities 02-2127-4744