Sansinje(hoegi dong)

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Sansinje(hoegi dong)


The origin of the Sansinje practiced in Hoegi Dong can be found in the local custom of offering rituals at six posts called ‘Mokdongsan’ that began around 300 years ago. The ritual was renamed ‘Hyang-eui-hoe’, combining the first syllables of ‘Hyangbodan’ and ‘Euiyong Firefighters’ that were in charge of protecting the security of the area. It is now a ritual held annually in wish for the peace and comfort in the area.

Event Summary

  • DateOctober 1 (by lunar calendar)
  • Place Seondong-ho, on the campus of Kyunghee University
  • Sponsored byHyang-eui-hoe
  • Event Schedule:
    • a written prayer is read
    • the ritual is offered
    • the symbolic sacrifice is burned.ers