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Jangnyeongdang-(dodang-) je (dapsimni 5 dong)


hough the exact origin is not known, it is believed to have a long history, considering that a zelkova tree stands nearby that seems to be more than 300 years old. Given that Jangnyeongdang is located on a higher ground than its surroundings, it is assumed that a rite and a gut were held in October of the lunar calendar. A theory states that the name of the rite originated from a king at the time who commanded to hold a rite named “Jangnyeongdang” after he learned that there had been many deaths in the Dapsimni area due to various infectious diseases and damages from storms and floods.

Event Summary

  • DateOctober 3 (by lunar calendar)
  • Place294-3 Dapsimni 5 Dong (Wondong Ssamji Public Yard)
  • Sponsored byThe Society for the Execution of Jangnyeongdang (Dodang)
  • Event Schedule:
    • sacrificial ritua
    • shaman exorcism
    • traditional music played