Issuance of Registration Certificate

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Place of application

  • The Customer Affairs Desk at any Immigration Office or branch located nationwide, city hall, county office, gu office, Community Service Center: a certificate can be issued immediately upon a personal visit.

Online (Internet) application

  • You can apply for and receive the certificate of foreign resident registration online (Internet) from the Korean e-Government website. (This service is available only if you have been issued with the public key certificate).
  • Any foreign national who is either qualified to reside in South Korea or who has been issued an amended permit.
    • Time of permit issuance (Immediately)
  • Click here to make an online (Internet) application.

Documents to submit

  • Fee : KRW 2,000 per copy
  • When the applicant applies in person
    • Applicants must present a personal ID such as the foreign resident registration card to confirm their identity.
  • When an agent applies for the certificate on behalf of the person seeking the certificate.
    • Power of Attorney (POA)
    • A copy of the agent’s personal ID card.
    • Proof of identification (Agent)
  • Inquiries : Immigration Contact Center Tel. 1345