Registered Rights Tax

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Registered Rights Tax

The registered rights tax is tax paid by a person who officially registers the acquisition of property ownership rights including mining rights and fishing rights or who officially registers items related to the setting, changing or termination of other rights.

Tax Obligor

Persons who register in the relevant government records any changes in or obsolescence of property rights and other rights.

Target of Taxation

Acts of registering changes in property rights and other rights.

Assessment Standard

The standard of assessment when levying taxes on the registration of real estate, ships, airplanes, automobiles and construction machinery is their value at the time of registration. In this case, the value at the time of registration is the value reported by the applicant; however, when this value is not reported by the applicant or the value is less than the fair market price, the latter is chosen as the value. If the actual acquisition price has been used when assessing the acquisition tax, the actual acquisition price is also used to assess the registered rights tax.

Tax Rate

Tax Rate - Category, Current Tax Rate
Category Current Tax Rate
Real estate Conservation of ownership 0.8%
Transfer of ownership (inheritance, free, paid) 0.5%~2%
Surface rights, mortgage, right to lease on a deposit basis 0.2%
Provisional registration Application for auction Provisional seizure 0.2%
Others KRW 6,000
two- wheeled vehicles
Establishment of hypothec 0.2%
Others KRW 15,000
Construction machinery
Registration of ownership 1%
Mortgage registration 0.2%
Others KRW 10,000
Corporate body registration Corporate registration 0.4%
Nonprofit 0.2%
Asset reevaluation 0.1%
HQ, main office relocation KRW 112,500
Branch relocation KRW 40,200
Others KRW 40,200

Local educational tax is levied separately.

Payment Methods

  • Persons wishing to register must determine the tax amount by multiplying the assessed taxable value defined in Article 27 of the Act with the tax rate defined in Article 28 of the Act and report this value and make the payment before registering the tax.
  • Report to the district office with jurisdiction over the address where the object is located and present the tax payment notice to any bank to make the payment before registering.
    • Additional tax for failure to report ⇒ 20% / Additional tax for unfaithful payment ⇒ 2.5/10,000 per day