Culture Center

Welcome to Dongdaemun-gu

Culture Center
Dongdaemun Culture Center was opened in December 1998 by private funds collected by local influential people based on history and tradition, and has hosted local traditional culture events such as Dongbang Cheongnyong Jehyang every fall and Hangawi Folk Festival. It also hosts cultural events in various genres including Night of Literature, Acacia Flower Festival, permanent cultural performances, history culture exploration and a year-end concert, aiming to develop cultural projects for local residents and pass down our traditional culture.

Address and Contact

  • Address210-2, Dapsimni-ro (San2-121, Dapsimni-dong), Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
  • Phone02-2241-9300
  • Website Go to website

How to rent and use the Cultural Center

  • How to use
    • Regular servicesInformation Resources Center, Film Exhibition Hall and Audio Visual Pavilion
    • Rental applicationSmall Auditorium (2F) (3-hour rental fee: KRW 32,000 (morning), KRW 36,000 (afternoon) and KRW 40,000 (night))
  • How to apply
    • Hard copy (for pre-applications)
    • Internet (unused spaces of public facilities) and in-person visit
  • Inquiries
    • +82-2-2215-0586~0588


  • Subway
    • Line 1 (Exit 3 of Jegi-dong Station): bus 262, 720, 3220 (get off at Dongdaemun Gymnasium)
    • Line 5 (Exit 5 of Dapsimni Station): bus 145 (get off at the rear gate of Dongdaphansin Apt)
    • Line 5 (Exit 4 of Dapsimni Station-LG U+): bus 1218 (get off at Dongdaemun Gymnasium)