cheongyong Cultural Festival

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Cheongyong Cultural

Seonnongjehyang(Ceremonial Rites)

It is a cultural event held every year to restore Dongbang Cheongnyong Festival, one of Obang Toryongje recorded in the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, which was destroyed and forgotten as the country experienced the Japanese Occupation Period. By passing down a forgotten but valuable cultural asset to future generations, it aims to create an opportunity for all of us to learn our true history and to increase pride as cultured citizens.


By the command of King Taejong, the 3rd king of Joseon, Obang Toryongdan was created in five areas of Hanyang, the capital of Joseon, and rituals were held for the dragon gods. The first one to be set up was Dongbang Cheongnyongdan, created together with Seonnongdan in today’s Yongdu-dong area, formerly Pyeongcheon, which was about 1 km outside Heunginmun Gate. Soon after, the shape and form of Dongbang Cheongnyongdan were copied to create the remaining Obang Toryongdan in the western, southern, and central parts of Seoul for rain-calling rituals. When drought hits the country, rain-calling rituals were held nationwide and that of Dongbang Cheongnyongdan was conducted under a painting of a dragon. The king himself bestowed pyebaek food on the Board of Rites or Gwansanggam (Office for Observance of Natural Phenomena) to hold a ritual with it.


  • OrganizerConservation Committee of Blue Dragon Cultural Festival and Dongdaemun Cultural Center
  • SponsorDongdaemun-gu
  • Dates4th Sunday in October every year
  • VenuePlayground of Yongdu Elementary School (subject to change)
  • Theme
    • Standing in line for as the King enters Eoga Haengnyeol (royal Joseon parade) (Dongdaemun-gu Office → Yongdu Elementary School)

      Street: Approx. 1 km

    • Eastern Blue Dragon Ceremonial Rite
    • A variety of performances and after-parties