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Herb Medicine

Herb Medicine Festival

Seoul Yangnyeongsi is a historic site and a former home of “Bojewon”, a relief agency created by the command of the king during the Joseon Dynasty (1393-1895) and responsible for the treatment of citizens and patients who suffered from poverty and sickness and had nowhere to rely on. Herb Medicine Festival is an event in which free medical exams and prescriptions are performed and given for 1,500 people in the low-income class throughout Seoul, commemorating the designation as Seoul Yangnyeongsi by the city and as Seoul Yangnyeongsi Special Herb Medicine Industry Zone as of July 5, 2005 as well as continuing the works of our ancestors who helped the needy and respected life.

The festival comprises a variety of events including free herbal treatment and prescription, traditional oriental medicine culture experience, demonstration of slicing medicinal ingredients, medicine pack wrapping experience, herbal-scented bag making, herbal diet and herbal massage experience and demonstration, herbal beauty experience and demonstration, and tasting of herbal tea, elixirs and herbal makgeolli, in addition to herbal rice cake throwing and tasting experience. Moreover, important information is provided to the public through excellent medicine herbs exhibits and presentation sessions, medicinal alcoholic drinks exhibits and sales, medicinal flower garden, folk play experiences, and family motto writing experiences.


  • Location10, Yangnyeongjungang-ro (Jegi-dong), Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
  • Supervised bySeoul Yangnyeongsi Association 969-4793